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How do I inculcate the hobby Of collecting toys in my child? by Roy J Walker

Inducing collection as a hobby starting from their child hood would give your child a sense of belonging and the desire for possession. Both of theses feelings would in turn help your kid to be successful as he would have a desire for things in life. The girls are happier with their dolls and being with their mothers. It's the father's responsibility to induce the habit of collecting something or the other into their boys.
For inducing the habit of collecting something the fathers need to spend a lot of time with their boys and at the same time need to have a lot of patience as well. When it comes to boys the best thing to collect is toys. They are not only their favorites but have the required essentials for the process of growing up as well. They are not only entertaining but educational at the same time, also physical development is promoted. In case you looking forward to use toy collection as a habit or hobby for your boy it's quite a nice option. But there are only few kids who have this as a hobby or habit. For the rest who show no interest the hobby needs to be induced.
As said to win a race, once must first learn to take small steps first. You don't have to hop on the toy collecting hobby at the fist go. Understand your child and have patience as the process of inducing collecting as a habit is not a child's play. Talking of collection as a habit - understand it's easy to collect things that are available abundantly. The habit of collection would only be enjoyable if it gives a sense of completion to your kid.
To start have a very basic thing that you should ask your kid to collect. For example, once could start from round shaped pebbles. To make it even more interesting you could have a little competition for him. The kid could be told that both of you would be collecting a certain type of people and by the end of the week that who so ever would have more would be a winner. This could be made exciting by a winning price.
This would ensure that your kid would not only look forward to collect such pebbles but would want to have a huge collection. He has a target to achieve as by doing so his sense of completion would be the award or the prize that he gets form you. By talking about it and asking for the updates would keep the kid charged up for the competition through out the week. Ensure that you lose and your kid gets a prize. This would encourage him to look forward for such collecting events.
Slowly give up the competition and throw up challenges like - "let's see if you could collect 100 coke bottle tops before Saturday". You would see by Saturday he would not only have those 100 bottle tops but without you asking he would approach you to show his collection.
As guys would love toys - expose them to toy stores and places where they could find unique toys to add to their collect. By the passage of time you would notice that they would have take collecting toy as their hobby, making you spend when they are young & spending tons when they grow older.
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Kids Lockers by Patricia Holland

Our Kids Lockers are the perfect solution to organize toys, games, sports gear, schoolwork, creative projects and clothes for the little ones. Everything is neat and orderly. The children learn how to organize their things and it is a great solution for Mom and Dad too - more space, less mess !!
Modern Lockers
These fun Kids Lockers are excellent for storage and offer maximum functionality and sturdiness. They have a modern, eye-pleasing design that signifies quality and longevity. In addition to the extra storage space that will maximize space in the bedrooms or other areas of the home, your child or children will enjoy the cool retro-style look for their rooms. It will be their personal storage area.
Personalized Kid Lockers
We have found that children will become enamored with their Kids Lockers. They consider them to be personal and frequently the lockers are decorated with elaborate designs, stickers or drawings. Personalizing their own lockers, children are making a statement that to all who enter his or her bedroom that this "property" is theirs. The most cherished toys and games will be guarded in this personal and almost indestructible piece of furniture. Your child will view his or her locker to be the perfect guardian of his or her valuable possessions.
Sturdy Locker Construction
Our lockers are constructed of 24 gauge steel with 16 gauge doors. Locker dimensions are 54" high, 15" wide and 15" deep. They are made from industrial sheet steel and are tough and durable, qualities necessary to withstand the use and abuse from children. They will simply outlast the childhood years of your children. When your children have outgrown their lockers then Dad can move them to the garage to store his fishing gear or tennis equipment. What a great long term solution !
Locker Choices and Amenities
You have a choice of louvered or solid door construction and our lockers come equipped with recessed latches and number plates. These lockers come outfitted with a recessed shelf, 2 single and 1 double coat hooks, the 4' 5" and 15" wide units are available in 30 vibrant color choices. As a bonus, various types of locks can be used with the recessed latches so now your daughter can lock up her toys and play-things from her brothers! How many arguments and fights will that prevent?
Childrens Locker Designs
Our Kids Lockers have some very interesting features. Let's take a quick look at some of the more popular ones. 1) They are designed to be sturdy and durable - tougher than your children. 2) They are also very easy to assemble. However, you can purchase the lockers preassembled by contacting our customer service department. 3) There are 30 vivid color choices to mesh with or match any child's room. 4) There are two choices for the locker door - solid or louvered for ventilation. 5) The locker size is perfect for children. 6) They are attractive and become personal possessions of your children.
Funtional and Fun Locker Furniture
Enjoy the quality of our fun and functional Kids Lockers. It is a great solution to help keep the children's rooms neat and organized. Mom and Dad won't be tripping over their children's toys nearly as often. And they sure help keep things organized when company arrives at the home.
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